Sunday, 26 September 2010

Painted and tools on

The Jagdtiger that I wanted to recreate is the vehicle of Otto Carius. There are not many photos of these tanks apart from destroyed ones or in museums.
The cammo scheme is from the Tamyia kit but the numbering is from what the forums believe is the correct numbering from sPzJagAbt 512 2nd company.  

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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Body built

The wheels and tracks are on now and the hull is constructed. The magic tracks were not as bad as I had imagined and do look great.
The barrel is mounted to a cannon body attached to the lower hull which was a pain to get the upper hull over and being metal is currently pointing down. Once I've finished the painting I'll sort this out.
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Friday, 3 September 2010

Extra details

This kit certainly has alot more datail than the previous two. Putting on some of the small details has taken quite alot of time as well as lots of crawling around on the carpet. Just to add to it, I was given some photo etched tool clamps from Dave's dragon Tiger 1 kit. I can see why he didn't use them after looking at the instructions for the whole kit, but I decided to rise to the challenge.

I didn't think about it at the time, but adding the armoured skirts to the upper hull means that it will be extremely difficult to get the magic tracks fitted when the upper and lower hulls are joined. Will have to put the wheels and tracks on the lower hulll first, then be very careful when painting the rest of the kit.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

The finished Panther

The Panther is all finished now. I decided to use the night vision scope that came with the kit. Strictly speaking the scope should not be used with the steel wheels, but I wanted to use the scope and I prefered the look of the wheels. The antenna was also stuck back on for what felt like the tenth time.
I added a muddied effect using the brown Humbrol paint that I used on the Tiger, varying the distance and in the flow of paint through the airbrush to give it a splattered effect. Then I mixed the same paint with Tamiya medium grey and thinned it down so it was more like dirty water. I sprayed this on to give it a road dust type of effect.
Over all I am very pleased with how this turned out, the only think that I don't like is the decals being so shiny, but I have invested in some softener now so that should sort things out in the future.
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Dragon JagdTiger Henshel Production

For my next buld I wanted to do something big. I have been thinking about doing a Tiger 2 but wanted to do a specific tank and research it well, possibly investing in some aftermarket tracks too.
Next I started thinking towards tank destroyers and ended up wanting a Jagdtiger, quite a rare beast with only 88 being built (11 by Porsche and 77 by Henshel). I managed to pick up a Dragon kit on ebay for alot less then the price of the equivalent Tamyia kit, which made me very happy indeed. Even better, I found out that the Henshel type also did not have zimmerit applied, only 10 of the Porsche tanks did.

First impression is that there alot of pieces to the kit. From what I have seen of most Dragon kits there are alot of unused parts, but in this kit most are used. Just looking at the sprues I can tell that thi sis much more detailed than the Tamyia kits that I have already built.

Rather nicely it comes with a metal barrel and photo etched parts, some of which would have had to be purchased extra for the Tamtia kit.

Unfortunately it also comes with Magic Tracks, which look a complete pain in the backside. Hopefully the sense of satisfaction when they are finished will make up for it.

I'm not going to start the kit just yet as I am having to research the scheme I am going to do. I originally wanted to try out an ambush cammo scheme but there does not seem to be any evidence of the JagdTiger ever having been painted in this way. In fact, so far most of the pictures of JagdTigers that I have found are grainy blurry black and white pictures with most of the tanks being covered in bits of tree. I'll just paint some tank crew and infantry for now while I figure out what to do.
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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Washing and detailing

My aim with this kit was to do it in a different way to the Tiger. After putting the decals on I applied a wash of black ink with a flat brush in the welds, then spread it down the sloped sides to simulate water run off and give the tank a grubby feel. I also added some streaks with a fine brush.
Next I gave the tank a wash of sepia and dry drushed using Tamyia dark yellow.
After adding the tools and track links to the hull I gave the tank another wash of sepia.
The placing of the links of the turret is based on two different Panthers both numbered 221.
On this kit the tracks were very easy to put on, although at the moment they do not look quite right as they are pulled quite tight between the front and back wheels.
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The result

Tamyia dark green and red brown paints were used for the pattern.

I'm happy with the result of drawing the pattern on first although it was a bit difficult in places depending how the light was being reflected. The other way to do the pattern would have been to mask off each different colour but I think it would have been a pain to do this around some of the raised hulll details.
There is a similar scheme using coloured dots dispersed around the blocks of colour called ambush camouflage that I may do on a future build.
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