Monday, 16 August 2010

2nd coat on hull and turret and tools applied

I initially undercoated and applied the first coat of paint using a paint brush which did not give the best result and used alot of paint.
Needing some more paint, and the nearest model shop claiming that Tamyia paints were difficult to get, I took a trip across town to a small specialist model shop. This shop was amply stocked with all of the Tamyia paints, and after a quick chat with the owner I bought the two paints that I needed, an air brush and another tank. My £3 trip for paints cost me just under £100. Worth it though.
I then visited my friend Dave for an air brush lesson. He informed me that the Tamyia dark yellow, which they reccomend for the base colour, is too dark once colour washes are applied to the tank, and suggested that I use Modelmaster Dunkelgelb as it is much closer to the actual colour.

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