Thursday, 19 August 2010

Dragon JagdTiger Henshel Production

For my next buld I wanted to do something big. I have been thinking about doing a Tiger 2 but wanted to do a specific tank and research it well, possibly investing in some aftermarket tracks too.
Next I started thinking towards tank destroyers and ended up wanting a Jagdtiger, quite a rare beast with only 88 being built (11 by Porsche and 77 by Henshel). I managed to pick up a Dragon kit on ebay for alot less then the price of the equivalent Tamyia kit, which made me very happy indeed. Even better, I found out that the Henshel type also did not have zimmerit applied, only 10 of the Porsche tanks did.

First impression is that there alot of pieces to the kit. From what I have seen of most Dragon kits there are alot of unused parts, but in this kit most are used. Just looking at the sprues I can tell that thi sis much more detailed than the Tamyia kits that I have already built.

Rather nicely it comes with a metal barrel and photo etched parts, some of which would have had to be purchased extra for the Tamtia kit.

Unfortunately it also comes with Magic Tracks, which look a complete pain in the backside. Hopefully the sense of satisfaction when they are finished will make up for it.

I'm not going to start the kit just yet as I am having to research the scheme I am going to do. I originally wanted to try out an ambush cammo scheme but there does not seem to be any evidence of the JagdTiger ever having been painted in this way. In fact, so far most of the pictures of JagdTigers that I have found are grainy blurry black and white pictures with most of the tanks being covered in bits of tree. I'll just paint some tank crew and infantry for now while I figure out what to do.
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