Thursday, 19 August 2010

The finished Panther

The Panther is all finished now. I decided to use the night vision scope that came with the kit. Strictly speaking the scope should not be used with the steel wheels, but I wanted to use the scope and I prefered the look of the wheels. The antenna was also stuck back on for what felt like the tenth time.
I added a muddied effect using the brown Humbrol paint that I used on the Tiger, varying the distance and in the flow of paint through the airbrush to give it a splattered effect. Then I mixed the same paint with Tamiya medium grey and thinned it down so it was more like dirty water. I sprayed this on to give it a road dust type of effect.
Over all I am very pleased with how this turned out, the only think that I don't like is the decals being so shiny, but I have invested in some softener now so that should sort things out in the future.
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